12/20/2011- Bells are ringing at 2am? what the fuck? oh it's Jon The Baker texting me, waking me from dreams of bottomlesss pints, topless companions and endless lines. (HAHA! Love ya John!) To bring me the new video for his band FUCKTARD's new song "21st Century Scum". And now I bring it to you!


11/29/30 - Welcome to the new website. Still not fancy, still not finished, just expanded a little bit. Is this even considered news? All I can say is don't expect "hard-hitting" journalism here folks! Just the occasional posting of  fliers for an awesome show in the back room of some bar you never heard of.  Like this one on Saturday 12/3 in New York at Sounds Asylum. 2 bands for our free comp vol.1 are playing this and there is no way I'll be missing it! - NJ Mike